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 Ā.nue.nue. 1. nvi. Rainbow. Pukui-Elbert's Hawaiian Dictionary (Revised and Enlarged Edition). (1986), University of Hawaii Press


The power of Hawaiian wisdom is increasingly being used as a tool for improving human communication and gaining insightful perspectives from Hawaiian teachings, interpretations, and chants that deliver transformational observations from the rich symbols and stories of the Islands. According to Dr. Catherine Kalama Becker, PhD, the essence of Ānuenue in Hawaiian mythology is Transformation. The "Kaona" or hidden meaning of Ānuenue is: 


"Do not run, deny, or fight shadowy clouds of depression or other negative feelings. Allow the light of acceptance to shine and they will transform. Clouds and rainbows are inseparable; you cannot have one with out the other. Clouds refract light into rainbows which act as pathways to the heavens of elevated consciousness and enlightenment. Clouds can also act to scatter light upon shadows of ignorance and lack of understanding. It is the shadowy side of your nature that is transformed by the rainbow. Just as clouds and shadows precede a rainbow, so it is necessary to illuminate clouds and shadows within yourself. Clouds and shadows are parts of yourself that are not always visible to others or acknowledged by you. It is important to fully understand the role that the hidden parts of yourself may play into your life."

At Ānuenue Yoga we focus on personal challenges, goals and healing within the seven individual Chakras. Chakras are centers of energy within our body. Each Chakra, is correlated with a color of the rainbow and reflects the energy of each center. In enlightenment, energy will flow through each of these centers that allow for a peaceful and healthy life. When these centers are blocked, it can often lead to difficulties in life and illness. We encourage our students to dive deeply into their shadow selves within each chakra to illuminate the rainbow of transformation. 


Many difficult questions may arise as you delve into your shadow self, such as; What is keeping you from living your life fully? Are you comparing yourself with others or to some standard that dictates the way you should behave? With loving and nurturing guidance we want to help you shine light upon any parts of yourself that interfere with your ability to express unity and wholeness with your spirit of Self.


By allowing the shadow of your subconscious fears to fade, you will be able to move on to new realms of existence. By shining light on every part of your psyche, you will be able to overcome any obstacle. The promise of the Rainbow reminds us of the presence of light during stormy times and that if you shine brightly as you undergo transformation, your "pot of gold" will find you.  We invite you to go on a journey through your own personal rainbow to experience transformation and find your personal pot of gold.