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Jenny Lee Osborn
Yoga Instructor

I have been a survivor of trauma since I was a young child. For years I used the coping mechanism of compartmentalization to deal with my traumatic experiences which allowed me to be a successful member of the US Coast Guard and working professional in my young adult years. The downside to this coping mechanism is that it left me feeling unworthy of love and respect and I ended up in a vicious self-perpetuated cycle of abusive relationships inflicting trauma upon trauma.

It was when I hit rock bottom in my late 30's, after an emergency hysterectomy, that I returned to my yoga practice with renewed devotion and as a result experienced a breakthrough; this sacred practice would be my salvation and foundation for healing from my past. I committed to doing yoga daily, not only for my physical health, but more crucially for my mental health. I began an active recovery and felt myself rising from the ashes of my past as I began to rebuild my life. In the early stages of this ascendance, I made two commitments to myself: 

First, my mental health would always be my top priority, and I was committed to working on it every day. If a healing modality were presented to me, I would seek it out with courage and integrity.

Second, I would dedicate myself to teaching and sharing with others the knowledge that has saved my life.  I am passionate about sharing my education, knowledge and experiences with yoga, neurolinguistics and dialectical behavior therapy to help as many people as I possibly can to a happy and fulfilling life.

Over the last seven years I have successfully completed my 200 Hour E-RYT and 500 Hour RYT Yoga Alliance Certifications and completed the Envision Yoga® 90 min Sequence Certification.

If you have experienced debilitating trauma, PTSD, a loss of hope or are stuck somewhere on your path and are looking for an experienced guide to help you on your healing journey please get in touch.